Tower Removal and Decommissioning

Infinity Construction Solutions not only specializes in cell site construction but we also specialize in tower removal services.  ICS is experienced in deconstruction of all types of towers.  Our team will take the site apart in what we call “Reverse Construction.” We usually start with the last thing installed on the site, landscaping, fence etc. and work until the tower shelters, Cabinets and gravel are all removed.  We remove all material from tower top including mounts, antennae, microwave, whips, coax etc.  We can relocate all material as desired by the client to a new location or we can depose of it entirely.  We have the ability to remove the tower foundation completely or we can remove it just below the ground surface.  The finished product will look as if a tower were never there.  We replant grass and landscaping as directed by the client.  The desire is to make the client and the landowner satisfied with the finished product.

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