New Site Builds

Pre-Construction Project Management

Pre-construction services required for the development of the site can be coordinated and managed by ICS Personnel.  We also offer in house pre-construction and construction managers.  In addition we can provide leasing and property specialists.  Furthermore, we can assist the architectural and engineering professionals with the design process.   At the client’s option, representatives can order and track the submission of pre-construction services such as  NEPA, Title Reports etc.  ICS personnel have experience in many regions of the country.  Having experience with many local jurisdictions allows the site to move rapidly until we reach the NTP or construction phase.

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Construction Services

Infinity Construction Solutions specializes in site construction.  Our experienced construction managers and construction crews together have constructed of over 1200 wireless sites in the past 20 years. We have built sites in every region of the country and internationally.  We strive to produce the highest quality product in every project. We take pride in our work and realize the importance of meeting the client’s milestones. Infinity Construction Solutions is dedicated to the safety of each and every employee. We have regular safety meetings and training sessions.  These meetings allow us to reinforce safety and the safe use of equipment.   Our employees have extensive OSHA, Comtrain and other safety certifications along with First Aid and CPR training.

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